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Cat Boxing: Fashion Tips For Dudes

January 24, 2010


Cat Boxing: He Eventually Outgrew This Idea

January 20, 2010

Click to enlarge.

This one, the “Che” one and the one about the creepy old guy were done in the Spring of ’07 though with this one I actually added some “background” to it… kind of rushed it actually.

I do want to add that I found that I didn’t do much art at all in the last year… I kept telling people that I had “not been too much art”, but when it came down to it, I didn’t do shit last year artistic wise… my output as already been about 75% more than last year and it’s only the third week into the year… I guess that’s a good thing, but I did waste a perfectly good year.

Speaking of not working all that much, I feel that I am very out of practice; the last strip is evident of that… sigh, oh well… time to keep pumping these fucking things out.

Cat Boxing: Then There’s Maude

January 20, 2010

Click on it to make as to enlarge the strip… blah.  So, if anyone else figures how I came up with the title, than you are old too.

Cat Boxing: Of Midgets and Feral Cats

January 19, 2010

Again, click on it to see a larger version and again I’m going to apologize for the bad editing.  Also, I had notice that I misspelled “feral” (one too many “r”s)  But yeah… ever ask the elderly how they’re doing?  If you’re not careful, they’ll tell you.

Cat Boxing: Che Anything

January 19, 2010

Sigh… if you click on it, you can see a bigger version.  I’ll look into a better editor later… perhaps I could edit out the water damage on the paper too maybe.

Almost Forgot About Amy S.

January 19, 2010

I had done in the past, mini-comics that I would sell with “Pug”… sort of a “special offer” type of thing, buy an issue of “Pug” and I’ll give you this other piece of crap for free, which when you come down to it, was a piece of paper folded over four times.  One of those mini-comics was called “The Imperfect Us” and actually it was one of my favorites… that and “Happy Bear Zero” which I have since lost… I never even got to photobucket it!  Oh yeah… I did notice that I deicated this to “Amy S.”  The “S” is for “Staples” which I don’t mind if anyone knows… I sort of forgot about her… Oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering, no… she didn’t really care.  Still, it is one of my favorites… I did this probably a little before my accident in early October 2006 and I still find it enduring, never mind that the sentiment is long lost.

Anyway, I am working on new material, in the meantime, read this… please and thank you.

(Best Of) Pug Chronicles

January 18, 2010

Pug Choronicles 1

So, I thought of instead of re-hashing all of the old Pug Chornicles (because quite frankly they weren’t that good) But I would post a few panels that I thought were at all amusing… there weren’t that many admittedly.

Something I should mention… these are A: only from three P.C. strips (however there are like, twenty panels each!) B: Each of these were done very tiny from a small Moleskin book and while I was at work when I was doing “data entry” so I wasn’t exactly clean and neat…

These strips I should point out are quite different than my actual “Pug” book… one would argue that I shouldn’t post such inferior work as to not down play my… who am I kidding, it’s pretty much the same shit, only with ruled lines.

Yeah… I sort of forgot how “rough” these were… either way, they were down pretty quick and are actually double the size they had been originally…

These were all done mid-Spring of 2008… a rather weird time in my life actually if I can interject… I think I did these and several others after the suicide of a good friend of mine… perhaps a little too much information, but I think I pumped out 20 different various strip in this time period, not that they were of anything too serious… the last thing I wanted to do was think serious… (wow, this blog took a dark turn)

Eventually I did find the time to grieve and am glad that I had… then my output slowed down quite a bit after that.  Either way, I am happy for knowing my friend (Sarah) and am happy to know that she did have a effect in my art after she was gone… I miss her dearly

Cat Boxing

January 18, 2010

There is a long story how the name “Cat Boxing” came about, but the very short version is, I have a tattoo of a stick figure cat in a boxing pose on my arm.  Anyway, I just wanted to set up this page… maybe in the next couple of hours I’ll have something up, sort of doubt it though.