(Best Of) Pug Chronicles

Pug Choronicles 1

So, I thought of instead of re-hashing all of the old Pug Chornicles (because quite frankly they weren’t that good) But I would post a few panels that I thought were at all amusing… there weren’t that many admittedly.

Something I should mention… these are A: only from three P.C. strips (however there are like, twenty panels each!) B: Each of these were done very tiny from a small Moleskin book and while I was at work when I was doing “data entry” so I wasn’t exactly clean and neat…

These strips I should point out are quite different than my actual “Pug” book… one would argue that I shouldn’t post such inferior work as to not down play my… who am I kidding, it’s pretty much the same shit, only with ruled lines.

Yeah… I sort of forgot how “rough” these were… either way, they were down pretty quick and are actually double the size they had been originally…

These were all done mid-Spring of 2008… a rather weird time in my life actually if I can interject… I think I did these and several others after the suicide of a good friend of mine… perhaps a little too much information, but I think I pumped out 20 different various strip in this time period, not that they were of anything too serious… the last thing I wanted to do was think serious… (wow, this blog took a dark turn)

Eventually I did find the time to grieve and am glad that I had… then my output slowed down quite a bit after that.  Either way, I am happy for knowing my friend (Sarah) and am happy to know that she did have a effect in my art after she was gone… I miss her dearly


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