Almost Forgot About Amy S.

I had done in the past, mini-comics that I would sell with “Pug”… sort of a “special offer” type of thing, buy an issue of “Pug” and I’ll give you this other piece of crap for free, which when you come down to it, was a piece of paper folded over four times.  One of those mini-comics was called “The Imperfect Us” and actually it was one of my favorites… that and “Happy Bear Zero” which I have since lost… I never even got to photobucket it!  Oh yeah… I did notice that I deicated this to “Amy S.”  The “S” is for “Staples” which I don’t mind if anyone knows… I sort of forgot about her… Oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering, no… she didn’t really care.  Still, it is one of my favorites… I did this probably a little before my accident in early October 2006 and I still find it enduring, never mind that the sentiment is long lost.

Anyway, I am working on new material, in the meantime, read this… please and thank you.


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