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Classic Cat Boxing: “F”

February 8, 2010

I’m just pumping out all of these older ones, only because it’s a pain in the ass to find all of these in my photobucket account.  Hmm… I really need to work on my detailing… I seem to have gone backwards on that.


Classic Cat Boxing: The Doors Of Perception And Shit

February 8, 2010

Yeah… I am starting to realize that I do like these older strip almost better than the newer one… a lot more detail.  Than again, I did control how big the border frames were before I started to use the pre-made four squares, which are quite a bit smaller.  Anyway, I remember this one being one of those “branching out” strips and I think it works.

(Old School) Cat Boxing: Nice Guy With A Good Heart

February 8, 2010

So, these aren’t so much different from anything recent that I’ve done… this was probably done in 2005.  The girl is probably my friend Rae, I don’t remember at the moment… I actually like my older strips certain ways than the newer ones… this one still amuses me.

Waste Of Ink and Time

February 7, 2010

So, I met this girl (Jen as you can see above) and so I thought we hit it off right away.  We had a great date the next time we hung out and I crashed on her couch… in the morning, I decided to draw what you see above as well as a corny little poem that is on the inside of this make shift card.  It was silly, nothing serious… the artwork is what I was going for… I really liked this girl.

With that said, I had a nagging feeling that she didn’t feel that way about me.  I finally got her to tell me how she felt, which was something along the lines of “I have no romantic feelings for you, though it sucks because we do have a lot in common” I pretty much shut off after that and simply asked her for “MY” poem back.  She was taken aback for a second but didn’t argue with me about it.  When I didn’t get it right away, I reminded her that she had my poem and wanted it back… in which time, she did.

I could have probably been the bigger person here, but I didn’t feel like it.  I don’t like being hurt like that, so I have little tolerance for nonsense… I mean, she could have told me right away… I could tell, though I wanted to be sure.  I don’t do things like that lightly… sigh.  She did make me feel more alone than I did before, I guess she succeeded with that.

Cat Boxing: Escalators Don’t Break, They Just Become Stairs

February 7, 2010

Click to enlarge: True story… though I didn’t die, I about threw up.  I actually don’t work out at the gym at the moment, I’ve been running out in the elements (in Portland, OR. you may as well get out in the rain or you don’t go out half the time.

So, this is the newest strip I’ve done in a week or so… I may clean it up a bit.  The past month or so (after Heidi broke up with me) it’s been a fairly emotional time… just recently I’ve had my heart crushed again (I briefly mentioned it in the last blog) Perhaps I’ll go into it in detail for the next blog… Okay, time to get out and about.

Powered By Inactivity

February 2, 2010

This was from a blog I had wrote a few years back about when I had smoked a cigarette for the first time in years… why am I posting it now?  Because I am still working on several other strips and pieces at the moment, also… I’ve had a few distractions.  Funny, but I would have thought that I wouldn’t be so distracted at least until the Spring time.  I would apologize to my readers, but I don’t have any.  Anyway, anyone who happens to come across the this blog, sorry… it’s not updated that often, it will be in the future though… promise!  Hmm… let me see what else I have in my old folder

Oh yeah… a nostalgic beaver.  This was an obvious doodle, but it still bothered me that the “neon sign” in the back that says “Beer” looks like “Bee” due to the thought cloud.  I did actually make a small yet personal piece for someone which also included a “poem”… aside from a shitty cell phone photo…

Hmm… I tried to crop out the name, not that that’s a big deal… I had mentioned that she was “rad” but have since changed this… see why in a letter blog.