Powered By Inactivity

This was from a blog I had wrote a few years back about when I had smoked a cigarette for the first time in years… why am I posting it now?  Because I am still working on several other strips and pieces at the moment, also… I’ve had a few distractions.  Funny, but I would have thought that I wouldn’t be so distracted at least until the Spring time.  I would apologize to my readers, but I don’t have any.  Anyway, anyone who happens to come across the this blog, sorry… it’s not updated that often, it will be in the future though… promise!  Hmm… let me see what else I have in my old folder

Oh yeah… a nostalgic beaver.  This was an obvious doodle, but it still bothered me that the “neon sign” in the back that says “Beer” looks like “Bee” due to the thought cloud.  I did actually make a small yet personal piece for someone which also included a “poem”… aside from a shitty cell phone photo…

Hmm… I tried to crop out the name, not that that’s a big deal… I had mentioned that she was “rad” but have since changed this… see why in a letter blog.


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