Waste Of Ink and Time

So, I met this girl (Jen as you can see above) and so I thought we hit it off right away.  We had a great date the next time we hung out and I crashed on her couch… in the morning, I decided to draw what you see above as well as a corny little poem that is on the inside of this make shift card.  It was silly, nothing serious… the artwork is what I was going for… I really liked this girl.

With that said, I had a nagging feeling that she didn’t feel that way about me.  I finally got her to tell me how she felt, which was something along the lines of “I have no romantic feelings for you, though it sucks because we do have a lot in common” I pretty much shut off after that and simply asked her for “MY” poem back.  She was taken aback for a second but didn’t argue with me about it.  When I didn’t get it right away, I reminded her that she had my poem and wanted it back… in which time, she did.

I could have probably been the bigger person here, but I didn’t feel like it.  I don’t like being hurt like that, so I have little tolerance for nonsense… I mean, she could have told me right away… I could tell, though I wanted to be sure.  I don’t do things like that lightly… sigh.  She did make me feel more alone than I did before, I guess she succeeded with that.


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