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Cat Boxing: Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky (D-bag version)

July 29, 2010

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Crime and Punishment is arguably one of the greatest books written… it’s a great story of guilt and paranoia (read the book, as I am not about to give a book review here… seeing that I’ve been drinking)  Anywho, after reading that, I decided to read another Fyodor Dostoevsky book, “Demons” (or “The Possessed”) though the translators do argue that “The Possessed” is erroneously “titled”, which brings me to my next point… Anything translated by Richard Pevar and Larissa Volokhnsky, makes it almost as easy to read as if it’s still in its original Russian…I have no fucking clue what’s going on, even 200 plus pages in…  I’ve read Master and Margarita in the past, and understood just fine.  I read a version by those two shitheads, and I was lost by time “she split the oil”   My opinion is, that Mr. Pevar and Ms. Volokhnsky are just uppity translators and were all just asshats.

Case in point, their Translation of “Demons”… I was able to keep up here and there, but would get thrown off by such phrases as “to the devil with you”, that one standing out more than most.  Pretty much how I explained the plot in the strip, was pretty much what I took from it… some people running around, plotting to kill someone, while there was someone else wanting to kill them, as well as some other fuckers, meanwhile, someone wants to commit suicide, but doesn’t want to kill this one, but perhaps that one… and someone dies…

Feh!  I should just stick with comic books… though I suppose I could have gave the same review for this as with Gravity’s Rainbow.


Art Travels With You

July 24, 2010

My friend Sloane visited me from Tampa, Fl. and had me draw the little doodle you see on this blog right now.  I find it funny that I draw these little pieces here and there for friends or whatever, and then they end up leaving town along with the “art”… it”s sort of amusing… even internationally (see Art For A Canadian Girl).  Eventually, I would like to actually get art shows outside the Portland area… perhaps even in the Portland area… in the meantime, I should probably work on actual pieces in my immediate area.

Anyway, right now I am taking a general break for a couple of days… I need to do some serious decompressing.

Loretta (and a lesson on art as an afterthought)

July 22, 2010

Rachel… “my” perfect ideal of a woman… she was smart, beautiful, wore knee socks the whole thing… and more importantly, she was into me!  Of course she was too perfect to stay here forever… after she graduated, she moved away to Boston for an internship and never looked back.  I didn’t follow her… Anyway, I wrote this whole super-sappy “introspective” comic about it called “Forever and Oak” five years afterward .  My friend Jackie read some of it, and called me “emo” and I scraped it… honestly, probably for the best.

I did however save some of the artwork and one of the drawings was that of myself and my friend Loretta talking about the future back in ’02…

(I really like my drawing of the puffy coat of hers) but looking at this, I remembered the conversation really well… we had went to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and afterward we talked a little about what we had wanted to do with our lives… I had loads of failed ideas that I wanted her part of (films and other such endeavors) and she talked about how she had wanted to get married, and have a family.  At the time, she was engaged to her now husband Aaron.  We had discussed other facets of our lives, some of it personal… I do remember discussing Rachel to her, and as a result, I wrote this huge screenplay called “It’s Only Art” in which were based on three women I personally knew… one of them, the main character was based on Loretta.  I think without Loretta being there for me, the whole Rachel nonsense would have been in my head without the artistic outlet.

For the past decade I’ve been in touch with Loretta through out and have seen such wonderful things play out in her life… She ended up getting married to Aaron, who is a real great dude and together they have an awesome (albeit fussy) daughter Lola, who since the first time I’ve met at three months has had an attitude with me.  There are few people who have been there in my life in one form or another that have made an impression on me.  Loretta has been nothing but supportive and an overall friend to me, and I feel that I’m better for knowing her.  I don’t have too many people close in my life lately but I know that if I really need to talk to someone, she would be there… and for that, I’ll always be grateful… and one day, there will be a project that we could perhaps work on together with.

Back for a moment to the “It’s Only Art” screenplay.  I thought it was the best thing ever, I’ve picked it up recently and wow… talk about bloated and heavy handed… it wasn’t completely horrible, there are some great elements to it… I have learned with aspects of “art”, it’s sometimes safer to remove yourself from it… otherwise you can come off as a total shithead.

Cat Boxing: Internet Dating Fail

July 22, 2010

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For the past few years I’ve been dating via the internet (mostly… I’ve met some people “in real life”) so saying that it’s a novelty would be pushing it.  Anywho, as meeting people online has admittedly been somewhat successful at times, there have been moments that haven’t been as “great” and as with meeting people in the real world, there is a fair (RE: loads) of rejection to come with it.  So, basically, this is a rather short list of those rejections.  The last panel is from an actual spam E-mail…. seriously, word for word that was what it had said.  Also the last line is in reference to a (perhaps) misquote from Al Gore inventing the internet and also from G.W. Bush calling it the “internets” plural… which I have now used since!  So, this isn’t so much a political bashing as it is “poking fun”… those lately, they BOTH are looking like total d-bags…

So, a few other things… The little photos in the back that keep changing are of older comic strip characters I’ve done in the past 1. random bunny from my early Henry Lee Stick Figure Kitty strips

2. Happy Bear 3. Henry Lee (also the origin of the “Cat Boxing” name) 4. Andy from “Pug.”   Also, the poster to the left is from The 400 Blows, my favorite movie of all time, second to being Brazil.   This comic strip was perhaps the easiest one to do, so if it looks like there was no effort done with it, you aren’t far off the mark.  Hmm… I suppose if I had thought about it, I would have done a strip about horrible internet dates… whatever, perhaps next time.

Art For A Canadian Girl

July 18, 2010

My friend recently asked me “if you ever need something creative to do : ) i’d like to commission (tea on me) a cartoon portrait of me and Fizzles together for my summer facebook profile pic credited to artist…”  So seeing that I am hardly creative, I figured that I could find the time to do it, and seeing that Sandra would make a good subject to draw (she is pretty in a different way… don’t get me wrong, she is very pretty) I thought that it would be fun.  So I had worked on an original draft and something about it, I wasn’t so happy with…

I liked it, but there was something about it that didn’t work for me.  When I showed Sandra, she liked it though the one comment she had was “My cat is much bigger than that!”  So I sat down, set up shop, and had set aside a night to work on it… it took me less than five minutes to come up with the initial outline (much longer to ink it)  However, after I finished everything, I tried to put in some check bones… and fucked the whole thing up!  With two little lines, I made her check bones look like a Dali moustache.  Anyway, I thought that proper thing to do, would to start from scratch… however, seeing that I had a bottle of white-out, I just whipped it out and…

Viola!  I will be the first to admit, that that cat looks slightly odd… sort of like a seal with pointy ears.  However, I like how the cat came out and I think it looks good; so did Sandra.  It was interesting dropping it off to her, as we met at the airport and I ended up seeing her off to Montreal (so my “art” will be in two countries), in the meantime Sloane and I were looking for her lost luggage… basically, I was at the airport on the same day at the same time, for two total different reasons… I would say that this is unusual, but quite frankly, I don’t think anyone would be surprised.  Anyway, the project didn’t take up too much of my time and I was glad to do it.

Last time I did a piece for someone, it was for romantic reasons  and when she didn’t resiprocate, I took it back.  This time, it was different… A girl asked me if I would draw her, and I did and now she uses it on her Facebook page, as her profile photo, among other things… that is far more enduring.

Cat Boxing: Recumbant Bikes Are For Assholes

July 8, 2010

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Whew… talk about rush job.  I totally have to clean this one up.  I left tons of pencil on it, not to mention the last part… below it should say “it got really unfocused after” in which I was speak literately.  You see… I have this thing about politeness.  Believe it or not, I am very polite… that is until someone is rude to me… than I am rude back… with a vengeance!!!  But for reals… there are tons of these types of assholes in Portland.  I went on a huge rant, but I’ll cut it down to this… they ride recumbant bikes, usually are middle aged, graying, balding, and veinly have a long ponytail.

Like this… with a shitty bread and everything.

Yeah… I could have added another four panels about how I reacted to this… someone once asked me, “So, do you feel better… belittling someone, do you feel like you accomplished something in the world?”  Yes… I did.  Look, I am actually a polite person until someone is rude to me; I have stories, for reals…

Cat Boxing: Deus Ex Nude Girls

July 6, 2010

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This actually happened recently… I had a date back out on me, so I went to my local bar and tried to draw something, but nothing came up… than one of the bar’s regulars (L. Brooks) came in and this was our exchange… and no, no sex was involve.  As a matter of fact, the girl I was with passed out by time we got there.  Still, it was the first time I actually got naked in front of people without sex being involved or a doctor… it wasn’t half bad, though it was cold and after an hour, I decided to unliberate myself and put my clothes back on… I suppose the experience was good, for the most part… I guess.

I actually like this “self-portrait” of myself… again, I am not smiling.

Cat Boxing: More Like “John Thomas” Traubert’s Blues

July 5, 2010

Click to enlarge:  Okay, if you guessed why the title is funny, you are both a Tom Waits fan and an Anglophile.  First off, the original title of the Tom Waits song is “Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind)” and is from his album, “Small Change.”  Second, “John Thomas” is an old British slang for penis…. perhaps I’ll come up with a new title later.

This comic strip was based on a conversation I had a few months back when Me and K.U. were dating… pretty much the exact conversation… as a matter of fact, I remember right after having this conversation, I wanted to go home and make it into a strip… We are no longer together, so she is no longer letting me have sex with her, so that came to pass.  I actually have several strips in my head of K.U. material, but seeing that we still get along, I may wait until later on.

Recently I had someone tell me that she would meet up with me, if I promised not to put her in my comic strip… I might out that in my comic strip.

Pug Issue One

July 4, 2010

OKAY!  Apparently, I need to post instructions here… The files seem to be to big to post directly on the page so to see them all you need to do is to click on the page line (ie: Pug Issue One Page One) and your computer may prompt you to load the page as a preview, which would mean that you are downloading my comic, which is fine… Anyway, I suppose while I’m writing this, I should also note that this was done several years ago now, and is pretty sloppy, not that the others aren’t… either way, I hope you like it.

Pug Issue One Page 01

Pug Issue One Page 02

Pug Issue One Page 03

Pug Issue One Page 04

Pug Issue One Page 05

Pug Issue One Page 06

Pug Issue One Page 07

Pug Issue One Page 08

Pug Issue One Page 09

Pug Issue One Page 10

Pug Issue One Page 11

Pug Issue One Page 12

Pug Issue One Page 13

Pug Issue One Page 14

Pug Issue One Page 15