Cat Boxing: More Like “John Thomas” Traubert’s Blues

Click to enlarge:  Okay, if you guessed why the title is funny, you are both a Tom Waits fan and an Anglophile.  First off, the original title of the Tom Waits song is “Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind)” and is from his album, “Small Change.”  Second, “John Thomas” is an old British slang for penis…. perhaps I’ll come up with a new title later.

This comic strip was based on a conversation I had a few months back when Me and K.U. were dating… pretty much the exact conversation… as a matter of fact, I remember right after having this conversation, I wanted to go home and make it into a strip… We are no longer together, so she is no longer letting me have sex with her, so that came to pass.  I actually have several strips in my head of K.U. material, but seeing that we still get along, I may wait until later on.

Recently I had someone tell me that she would meet up with me, if I promised not to put her in my comic strip… I might out that in my comic strip.


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