Cat Boxing: Recumbant Bikes Are For Assholes

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Whew… talk about rush job.  I totally have to clean this one up.  I left tons of pencil on it, not to mention the last part… below it should say “it got really unfocused after” in which I was speak literately.  You see… I have this thing about politeness.  Believe it or not, I am very polite… that is until someone is rude to me… than I am rude back… with a vengeance!!!  But for reals… there are tons of these types of assholes in Portland.  I went on a huge rant, but I’ll cut it down to this… they ride recumbant bikes, usually are middle aged, graying, balding, and veinly have a long ponytail.

Like this… with a shitty bread and everything.

Yeah… I could have added another four panels about how I reacted to this… someone once asked me, “So, do you feel better… belittling someone, do you feel like you accomplished something in the world?”  Yes… I did.  Look, I am actually a polite person until someone is rude to me; I have stories, for reals…


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