Art For A Canadian Girl

My friend recently asked me “if you ever need something creative to do : ) i’d like to commission (tea on me) a cartoon portrait of me and Fizzles together for my summer facebook profile pic credited to artist…”  So seeing that I am hardly creative, I figured that I could find the time to do it, and seeing that Sandra would make a good subject to draw (she is pretty in a different way… don’t get me wrong, she is very pretty) I thought that it would be fun.  So I had worked on an original draft and something about it, I wasn’t so happy with…

I liked it, but there was something about it that didn’t work for me.  When I showed Sandra, she liked it though the one comment she had was “My cat is much bigger than that!”  So I sat down, set up shop, and had set aside a night to work on it… it took me less than five minutes to come up with the initial outline (much longer to ink it)  However, after I finished everything, I tried to put in some check bones… and fucked the whole thing up!  With two little lines, I made her check bones look like a Dali moustache.  Anyway, I thought that proper thing to do, would to start from scratch… however, seeing that I had a bottle of white-out, I just whipped it out and…

Viola!  I will be the first to admit, that that cat looks slightly odd… sort of like a seal with pointy ears.  However, I like how the cat came out and I think it looks good; so did Sandra.  It was interesting dropping it off to her, as we met at the airport and I ended up seeing her off to Montreal (so my “art” will be in two countries), in the meantime Sloane and I were looking for her lost luggage… basically, I was at the airport on the same day at the same time, for two total different reasons… I would say that this is unusual, but quite frankly, I don’t think anyone would be surprised.  Anyway, the project didn’t take up too much of my time and I was glad to do it.

Last time I did a piece for someone, it was for romantic reasons  and when she didn’t resiprocate, I took it back.  This time, it was different… A girl asked me if I would draw her, and I did and now she uses it on her Facebook page, as her profile photo, among other things… that is far more enduring.


5 Responses to “Art For A Canadian Girl”

  1. dynishka Says:

    This piece really works, the line quality is interesting which compliments the color palette, I would hang it.
    Nice work Anthony.

  2. catboxing Says:

    Thank you, however it was she now owns it… it was a personal piece, though I of course have at least a “photo” record of it. Actually, I had an art show in which with my paintings, I had used a sharpie instead of paint for outlines and it looked so much better, clean… so I adopted this idea for most of my color pieces… this was done rather quickly.

  3. Dynishka Says:

    Yes, I know it is not on the market, I am just saying that it really has a great flavor and should be hanging. I doodle with office supplies a lot, I love the look too.

  4. sandra Says:

    oh I am happy if you want to hang it….I have a photo which is great, wasn’t expecting anything.

  5. catboxing Says:

    It’s totally okay Sandra… I drew it for you, it’s yours.

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