Cat Boxing: Internet Dating Fail

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For the past few years I’ve been dating via the internet (mostly… I’ve met some people “in real life”) so saying that it’s a novelty would be pushing it.  Anywho, as meeting people online has admittedly been somewhat successful at times, there have been moments that haven’t been as “great” and as with meeting people in the real world, there is a fair (RE: loads) of rejection to come with it.  So, basically, this is a rather short list of those rejections.  The last panel is from an actual spam E-mail…. seriously, word for word that was what it had said.  Also the last line is in reference to a (perhaps) misquote from Al Gore inventing the internet and also from G.W. Bush calling it the “internets” plural… which I have now used since!  So, this isn’t so much a political bashing as it is “poking fun”… those lately, they BOTH are looking like total d-bags…

So, a few other things… The little photos in the back that keep changing are of older comic strip characters I’ve done in the past 1. random bunny from my early Henry Lee Stick Figure Kitty strips

2. Happy Bear 3. Henry Lee (also the origin of the “Cat Boxing” name) 4. Andy from “Pug.”   Also, the poster to the left is from The 400 Blows, my favorite movie of all time, second to being Brazil.   This comic strip was perhaps the easiest one to do, so if it looks like there was no effort done with it, you aren’t far off the mark.  Hmm… I suppose if I had thought about it, I would have done a strip about horrible internet dates… whatever, perhaps next time.


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