Loretta (and a lesson on art as an afterthought)

Rachel… “my” perfect ideal of a woman… she was smart, beautiful, wore knee socks the whole thing… and more importantly, she was into me!  Of course she was too perfect to stay here forever… after she graduated, she moved away to Boston for an internship and never looked back.  I didn’t follow her… Anyway, I wrote this whole super-sappy “introspective” comic about it called “Forever and Oak” five years afterward .  My friend Jackie read some of it, and called me “emo” and I scraped it… honestly, probably for the best.

I did however save some of the artwork and one of the drawings was that of myself and my friend Loretta talking about the future back in ’02…

(I really like my drawing of the puffy coat of hers) but looking at this, I remembered the conversation really well… we had went to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and afterward we talked a little about what we had wanted to do with our lives… I had loads of failed ideas that I wanted her part of (films and other such endeavors) and she talked about how she had wanted to get married, and have a family.  At the time, she was engaged to her now husband Aaron.  We had discussed other facets of our lives, some of it personal… I do remember discussing Rachel to her, and as a result, I wrote this huge screenplay called “It’s Only Art” in which were based on three women I personally knew… one of them, the main character was based on Loretta.  I think without Loretta being there for me, the whole Rachel nonsense would have been in my head without the artistic outlet.

For the past decade I’ve been in touch with Loretta through out and have seen such wonderful things play out in her life… She ended up getting married to Aaron, who is a real great dude and together they have an awesome (albeit fussy) daughter Lola, who since the first time I’ve met at three months has had an attitude with me.  There are few people who have been there in my life in one form or another that have made an impression on me.  Loretta has been nothing but supportive and an overall friend to me, and I feel that I’m better for knowing her.  I don’t have too many people close in my life lately but I know that if I really need to talk to someone, she would be there… and for that, I’ll always be grateful… and one day, there will be a project that we could perhaps work on together with.

Back for a moment to the “It’s Only Art” screenplay.  I thought it was the best thing ever, I’ve picked it up recently and wow… talk about bloated and heavy handed… it wasn’t completely horrible, there are some great elements to it… I have learned with aspects of “art”, it’s sometimes safer to remove yourself from it… otherwise you can come off as a total shithead.


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