Cat Boxing: Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky (D-bag version)

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Crime and Punishment is arguably one of the greatest books written… it’s a great story of guilt and paranoia (read the book, as I am not about to give a book review here… seeing that I’ve been drinking)  Anywho, after reading that, I decided to read another Fyodor Dostoevsky book, “Demons” (or “The Possessed”) though the translators do argue that “The Possessed” is erroneously “titled”, which brings me to my next point… Anything translated by Richard Pevar and Larissa Volokhnsky, makes it almost as easy to read as if it’s still in its original Russian…I have no fucking clue what’s going on, even 200 plus pages in…  I’ve read Master and Margarita in the past, and understood just fine.  I read a version by those two shitheads, and I was lost by time “she split the oil”   My opinion is, that Mr. Pevar and Ms. Volokhnsky are just uppity translators and were all just asshats.

Case in point, their Translation of “Demons”… I was able to keep up here and there, but would get thrown off by such phrases as “to the devil with you”, that one standing out more than most.  Pretty much how I explained the plot in the strip, was pretty much what I took from it… some people running around, plotting to kill someone, while there was someone else wanting to kill them, as well as some other fuckers, meanwhile, someone wants to commit suicide, but doesn’t want to kill this one, but perhaps that one… and someone dies…

Feh!  I should just stick with comic books… though I suppose I could have gave the same review for this as with Gravity’s Rainbow.


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