Cat Boxing: Issues

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Sort of a cliche I suppose.  Though originally it was going to be loads more cliche, so I think it works… for me anyway.  So yeah, I went to the shrink and by time we were done with this session, she suggested several pills I should take.  Now, if anyone knows me, I do NOT like taking any drugs of any kind… just not my thing is all.  But yeah… this past month did kick my ass a bit.  There were some nice moments, such as Sloane’s visit, though I have been in one of the most stressful moments of my life in the past couple of years… won’t share it here.  I do have some interesting dating stories though those will come up later, other wise I would get a lot of this…

Of course, I am somewhat selective in what I post… I’m not a complete idiot.  But yeah… after discussing various issues of what’s troubling you, you tend to feel beat-up.  Originally I was just going to have the monster look like the doctor, then the doctor saying something like “There, that wasn’t so painful.” though that seemed so contrived.  I was also going to have the “monster” (beit the Calendar or the doc) rip out the heart and use it as a yo-yo… ultimately, this works best overall.


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