Rejected Cat Boxing: Asshole Fashion Review

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First off:  I am NOT calling anyone a “fag”… this was a little while back when I was called a “fag” for my “trucker’s cap” which I wear often when I don’t give a shit how I look, which apparently is gay to some people.  I found it amusing that shortly after I was called a “fag”, a “gay” friend showed up shortly with a trucker’s cap… though he may have mentioned that it looked better on him than me, in which he would be correct.  Second: I was very disappointed with the second panel as I tried to cram in most of the strip’s dialog in it… also, I didn’t put any design on the hat through out the rest of the strip. Three: it’s plain sloppy, even for me.

Though back to my first point, I think there is probably a better way to do this strip without being totally put out… people who know me know that I am not trying to be anything but funny… still, this is probably one of three or four strips that will be rejected from the print for the Zine Symposium this year (more on that later)


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