Cat Boxing: Number One

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So, for ages I had thought of how to do this stupid strip… of course I put too much time into it, though it does show that I am mastering the four panel strip… Forever, it seemed that most of my ideas play out at least five panels… For some reason, I think I wanted to add a pause to it, but would it matter?

Anywho, as far as the content goes, this seems to happen more often than not.  I am fairly good about boundaries (most of the time) so if I use a public restroom, I’ll tend to not stand right next to someone else by while using the urinal… especially if there are like ten empty ones.  I’d like to think that there is a proper etiquette that is universal, but anyway…  I should mention that this happens all the time, I have no idea why people feel the need to pee next to someone else so close… Cripes I’m beat!


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