Cat Boxing: Death Ray Therapy

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Anywho… I like to think I tell my doctor everything… I am fairly certain I don’t.  This was done a little while ago, though just today I was talking to someone about cardboard robots.  I like robots, I like drawing robots, I like making (paper) robots.

My doctor is an older attractive woman, who herself has a few issues… she had canceled on me a few times due to “personal reasons”… I sort of took it personally, did I freak her out that much.  Nothing to do with me mind you.  I have to demons surely, but nothing so bad where a shrink would tell me that she has better shit to do than to listen to me (which in all honesty, is probably the truth)  Eh… either way, this was a pretty lazy strip.  I’ve been working on other shit for people in which I am stonewalled… I just get over it shortly… one would hope.


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