Cat Boxing: If You Name Your Hash Browns, Are They Harder To Eat That Way…

Click To Enlarge… I think.

So, here in Portland, there are probably as many breakfast joints in this town as there are strip clubs and bars, which is a shitload. So, to compete with each other, each place has it’s own “thing”… A few places have “clever” names for their food, with prices to coincide with said prices (Benny’s Sticky Situation = Eggs Benedict) The major difference would be about three dollars for more than the other.

This strip is based on a popular place in the SE part of town. Breakfast was “okay”, but I would have been better spending five dollars less for something better at Genies… or better yet, the Twilight Lounge which looks questionable but admittedly some of the best food I’ve had in some time.

Sigh… tonight kind of sucked, but that is a different story and a different (and certainly coming) strip.


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