A Brief Pause


I find that sometimes, a brick wall will stop you from going through to where you want to go.  There are other choices, such as going around, going over, or breaking it down…

Let’s say that this brick wall is many miles long, forty feet high with barbed-wire, and about ten feet thick?  Well, I suppose I feel that I am in that position right now.  I know what’s on the other side and was able to connect with it, but this wall keeps me from connecting with it in a way that I find acceptable… walls. 

With this said, I am working on a passion project of mine titled “Number One Girl” and will probably offend some people… or not.   Either way, I will actually probably have more output on this page as a result… throw aways if you will. 

Anyway, that’s how things are right now, big huge wall.  Ultimately, another course of action would be to letting it go… either way, I’ll eventually deal with it in my own way.


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