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Failed Art

January 25, 2011



So… I’ve had a run of bad dates.  I’m not quite sure what it is about me, but right now not many women are really digging my scene if you will… here are two drawings I’ve done of “potential” ladies… the first one, Jen… totally gave me the friend speech right after our first date.  The second one, Janet… she told me that she was in an open relationship… then she told me that she was in an open marriage… then she was sleeping with several dudes at once.  Guess what, I’m spent… anyway, I figured that I’d post up these drawings of them.  They’re my drawings anyhow… may as well make us of them.


Horrible Children’s Story Idea…

January 5, 2011

So I have an idea for a children’s story, which involves a little girl taking on a true evil… (sort of a drawing of it on top) so far all I have a doodle of the true evil thingies whatever…

And there is the little girl… I’m calling her Cat so far… maybe Bird… something unoriginal… it’ll take me three days to complete, its great!