Drawing With Words

I haven’t updated this in some time, though that is to not say that I haven’t been busy… I will say that depending on how one would see things, I’ve either had a really great past few months or a horrible few months. Relationships seem to be ever elusive romantically, my “career” is really not going in a direction… That is both good and bad I suppose. I will say that recently I met someone who I really have a connection with, but she herself has had a rough past several months… I won’t go on here with it, but I am hoping for the best. My heart has taken and given a few punches here and there and I will make light of them here soon… Either way, yeah!


2 Responses to “Drawing With Words”

  1. Keary Says:

    Helly Anthony! This is Keary, the girl you had coffee with yesterday! It was so much fun meeting you, I had a really nice time. I’ve gotten to see you art (really funny comics by the way) now its your turn to see mine (if you want to that is)! http://www.majykal-melodi.deviantart.com
    Hope you had as much fun talking with me as I did with you!

  2. Keary Says:

    I meant to say hello….. not helly. I feel stupid now…

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