Cat Boxing: This Comic Is Not About Eliza Dushku

Click to enlarge please and thank you…

So, a few things… for one, I fucked up the drivers side of the car so never mind that. The girl in the strip was someone I was dating for a short while “TJ” but she told me shortly after this that she wasn’t ready to date people… and then she shortly thereafter started dating someone else… sigh.

Also, I tend to mix up Zooey Deschanel with Eliza Dushku because of their names being… eh, what they are. But yeah… this is the first Cat Boxing strip in I don’t know how long… hmm, it very well may be the first one this year. I actually have a few stockpiled as I was tracking down the driver disc for my hopelessly outdated HP printer/scanner. Anyway, more coming soon, dick-joke fans rejoice!


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