Cat Boxing: Pee x 2

Click to enlarge…

So, this would be an example of not having enough panels to finish the strip… the fifth panel would have been the kid at the shrink explaining his hatered for Mexicans and Spongebob…

The blacked out area explained that a little, but I tried to cram it in there and you couldn’t read it anyway… besides, the punchline is that of the mother’s seething anger and that works just fine. I drew this probably last year, earlier even but I felt that the last panel didn’t work… it works just fine. You can say that this is a throw away, but I did put some time into this, and didn’t want to waste an otherwise decent strip, so there is that.

This is also a perfect example of why I don’t offer advice half the time… eh, I thought I was awake but apparently I’m fading fast… back to bed.


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