Cat Boxing: Dead People Don’t Make Fresh Salsa

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The original title was “Dead People Don’t Make Fresh Salsa” because my Grandmother Rose made the best fresh salsa (and it’s also a play on the Steve Martin film, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”)… nothing quite like that woman’s cooking, but I was afraid to offend my family, and I do not want to suffer the wrath of my aunts and or cousins… Ah Hell, I’ll deal with it. So… this summer not only did I lose my Grandmother Rose (August 28th, which so happened to be my niece Marissa’s 18th birthday), but I lost my Grandmother Michela (May 12th, Mother’s Day) so, i begin and ended my fairly lame summer with the deaths of my parent’s parents; and. it was not a good year to be my grandmother (which would have been a good title as well)… though you can only lose them twice.

As far as my grandmothers go, I am of course saddened by their passing(s). I haven’t kept in touch with them in years (so there is the guilt part of that) Though both were in poor health and both of them were strong willed, stubborn and sturdy women, that with them now gone I like to think that they are both at peace. I did love them both and feel that they helped (if you can call it that) shape me to who I am today… fearful of little angry Mexican women… kidding, maybesortofkinda.

Now the conversation within the strip itself with Gordon and Stephenie was possibly even more awkward in real life and I just can’t remember what was said, which would have made for even a better strip… No, the drawings don’t do them justice and strangely I couldn’t draw me for the life of me… I mean, have you seen these strips… it doesn’t look like much to draw and I am messing up my own “style” which isn’t so much style as it is something unlike a doodle… a rather involved doodle, but whatevs… I mean, it took me 30 minutes to do this whole thing. Anyway, I miss those old ladies and the world of Mexican food is more bland without them.


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