Cat Boxing: Malus Mentula

So, this is actually based on two situations… The ICP kid actually had to do with another time when I was waiting for the bus… you know what, I’m going to save that for another strip.

What actually happened was, I was in the mood for a Mounds bar but really didn’t want one on account that they are hardly good for you. So, on my way to the produce aisle I saw that they had several different candy bars for two for one… so I was entertaining the idea until I saw this woman who… well, quite frankly wasn’t healthy… she grabbed a bunch (more than six) and looked at me with dead eyes. I told my friend Laicee about this, and she said that “Hey, apples taste good at least.” and I informed her bitterly that “Apples taste appley!” I mean, I like apples fine, but I’m more a grape/berry dude… but I am off topic… again.

Now, the title is Latin for apple and something else… sort of like a high brow dick joke. The original title was “Appley”, but seeing that that’s the “punchline” I opted for the high road, notreallyatall. But yeah, the ICP kid… look out for that strip.


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