Cat Boxing: Of Shapes and The Usual Stupid Shit I Do…

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A trend in the Portland comic scene, perhaps in indie-comics in general, is that of symmetry in story telling. Perhaps there is a proper term in the comic book community for it, but basically it storytelling in the of shapes and design. A notable artist that plays around with this idea is Brendan McCarthy who I have become a fan of in recent years… with that said, he tells a cohesive story along with his artistry.

Now lately, I’ve seen books lately that have what I would call wonderful design work, symmetry and it’s pretty to look at it. However, the one thing that seems to be lacking is a story… This is a trend in art that comes and goes through out art history (re: Dada, Bauhaus, Post-Modernism, whatevs) so I don’t want to come of critical of anyone who wants to buck the system, though I suppose I want my comics to at least have a story… such as why is Pentagon upset at Arbelos. Or why the Reuleaux Polygon harbors such a grudge against Triquetra? It’s hardly Aquaman versus Black Manta…

Sigh… either way, I don’t completely get it, so I don’t want to shit on the trend without being completely knowledgeable on the purpose behind new ideas; but, I’m pontificating here so let me stop for the moment as I am probably rehashing at this point.

So, there is that strip… and probably the last one for a little bit. I was totally inactive for over half the year and then I spewed like six of these fuckers within the week! I do have more strips planned for the next while sooner than later, but for now… there you go. Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!


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