Re: Cat Boxing: Deus Ex Nude Girls…

Dear creepy video game masterbating people…

I posted a strip about a year and a half ago, titled Deus Ex Nude Girls… The title is a play on the Latin phrase, Deus ex machina “God out of the machine.” Which is what a writer tends to use to get out of a situation that seems highly implausible. Hence, having no idea what to write about and then a hot girl ask me to join her for a trip to the nude beach… VERY implausible and gave me something to mention. Of course I didn’t draw naked chicks, and if I did, look what they would look like… eh.

Well, ever since the video game Deus Ex came out, I’ve been bombarded with views thinking that people actually read this shit. What I am finding is, some kids with way too much free time and probably smell of BO and Cheetos (believe me, I went to the GOW3 release and I knew that I am not a gamer because I like deodorant) They’ve been doing Google searches of Deus Ex Nude Girls… One, really? There are plenty of sites that show hot naked chicks, doing hot naked things… do you really want to see some video rendering of a video game chick naked… well, I suppose I’m asking a stupid question. Second, With all of the sites that are devoted to “deus ex nude girls” my site pops up first… It use to not pop-up first. So I should thank you for the “hits”, but I’m more amused that you would think to look up naked video game broads on my blog… Three: personal hygiene… take a shower on occasion, smelling good is pretty nice. Especially if I’m in line waiting for Batman: Arkham City and I have to stand behind one of you jerk-offs who smells like ass and Dorrito’s, I may spray you with some Jovan Musk… not to be mean, but seriously… it’s impolite!

Now, I realize that some of you are looking for “skins” for the PC version. May I recommend looking up “” for your skins… friends (actual friends, please don’t go to… nothing at all you want to look at)

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