Cat Boxing: You Think You’re Uncomfortable…

The one thing about waiting rooms, is the magazine selection is always the same Aside from Time and Newsweek, there is usually crap such as People, US, Entertainment Weekly (which is not nearly so bad) and Sunset… SUNSET! Who reads that?! On occasion, you’ll see a New Yorker here and there but not really, Anyway, aside from those, there is also “Highlights” the children’s magazine… which is incidentally much more interesting and thought provoking than People, US Magazine, and fucking Sunset!

Now, with that said as in any awkward situation (such as a patient leaving the doctor’s office sobbing), people who are waiting in the waiting room will tend to want to distract themselves and all there is sometimes to read is a Highlights. So, when you over hear that someone is being told that they are dying of cancer nearby, you can distract yourself with “Hidden Pictures” unless some shithead kid already drew in the actual magazine, then your fucked!

But yeah… I may edit this bit later.


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