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Cat Boxing: Mugs For Dummies

November 16, 2011

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I ordered a Beatles’ “White Album” mug once years ago for about fifteen dollars. A cheaply crafted mug with the words “The Beatles” in gray on a completely white mug; probably more than that with shipping.

So anyway, a big trend with certain political radio talk host, is that they pedal their wears to their listeners, (not just conservatives, but any of them really… ) Anyway, not to get on a political kick here, if people want to spend their money on gaudy shit, be it from me to question how they spend it… just don’t bitch how bad the economy is if you are wasting yours.

I am more on the “liberal” end, though I try not to raise a stink with friends with different views that differ from mine simply because I don’t want to get into arguments all the fucking time… plus you really don’t want to get me started… so I rarely do.

So, I use to have this old roommate… he was a conservative with anger issues. Anyway, he was someone who did listen to Rush or Hannity and not question a word they said… I avoided him mostly because every facet of his life was a reason to argue (politics, food, weather) totally a fucking waste of time and energy. But at least you can tell which mugs were his. He had a Bush/Chaney 00 mug, a few Rush mugs, though the one that caught my eye was “Hannitized For Your Protection”… What I picture is however, Sean Hannity (if I am misspelling names here, it’s mainly due to me not giving a shit) taking his interns into an office and striping down to everything but his socks and saying “Prepare to be Hannitized!” Of course he probably doesn’t do that, I’m not him so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I really didn’t care if I had to drink coffee from a “Limbaugh was right!” mug in the comfort of my own home if I had too, especially if my Utne Magazine mug was dirty… Oh, I still have that Beatles mug, I use to for breath strips and condoms. Good afternoon America, pull your heads out of your asses and do something not stupid!