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Cat Boxing: Slightly Recessed

December 18, 2011


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I’ll be the first to admit that anytime I go to a art themed/toy store I find myself totally immersed in the various over-priced plastic replications of low-brow and various street artist, however I don’t feel like spending 30 to 50 dollars on a still-life of a still-life…


So yeah… this is pretty much a short commentary about how people are just slightly above the poverty line, spend money on such nonsense (says the guy with limited edition Dark Victory Batman and Robin figures) high-priced espresso drinks included… sigh, oh well… this was a quick one as I have shit to do. Eh, I do notice various “hic-ups” in the art… eh, we’ll just chalk that up to my “charm.”


Cat Boxing: No Pug Will Go Unhandled

December 7, 2011


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Well… I suppose this strip is more inspired by what one will do for a girl (clean up dog shit for instance) than humor…  as much as I like this strip, I probably lost sight of the humor a little way in, but still… it’s not as self-depreciating as many of the other strips… touching perhaps?


Butters is an actual pug owned by an actual person named Phoebe.  She works at a local bar I go to and on occasion, Butters will make an appearance.  It just so happen that I was on a date with a girl who also had a thing for pugs… funny that she was unaware of my actual “Pug” comic… Eh, it went well though… I should probably send Butters a thank you card, maybe a pigs ear… um, so much for this one.