Cat Boxing: Head


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I have this dream often… the dream is that I am out and about, usually at a restaurant, then I excuse myself to use the bathroom, and I look into the mirror and then my teeth start to fall out.  This in actually too common of a dream and always weirds me out.  So, I mentioned this to my therapist and she said something underhandedly (close to “fucked up in the head”) So I question her credentials.


I actually question her about quite a bit of what she recommends to me.  That lady wants me to pop pills… even has a “friend” she recommends.  Don’t ask me why I’ve been seeing her for the past few years… perhaps because she is located down the block.  Anyway the title is a play… actually, not even a play on the Monkee’s movie “Head”, the strip is called “Head” due to it being simply about my “head” dream… not so interesting.


One Response to “Cat Boxing: Head”

  1. muryjepp Says:

    Your dream is indicative of something is challenging you and causing you to lose confidence in your ability to deal with it. Like teeth dropping out 1 by 1, receiving a knock to your confidence in 1 area of your life can cause you to lose nerve another areas of your life. 🙂

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