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Cat Boxing: That One Song From The Damned About Their Fans Sounds Nice

February 14, 2013


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This strip basically about two different encounters I’ve had with “fans” of my comic… the cigarette burner I actually ended up with going home with… she didn’t get all that weird until I was at her place… I actually tried to leave right away, but she kept crying, it was a whole thing.


The whole “vagina abuse” conversation was something that was brought up a different time… that ended abruptly.  So yeah… my “fans”  I don’t actually have fans as I do people who read my comic strip.  Though the people who call themselves “fans” end up being the odd ones.  Anyway, I’m all doped up on coffee and sugar… gross.

Oh yeah, stick figure Abe makes an appearance.



Cat Boxing: I See The Future And You’re Dead There.

February 13, 2013


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So, I have a long story about this…it use to be fairly to the point, now not so much.  I worked on this strip before my mother’s heath took a bad turn.  The original title was “My Mother The Poorly Tuned-Up Car” , which is a very obscure reference to a show called “My Mother The Car”  The title makes me laugh. However, as I had mentioned, my mother’s health isn’t the best, so there is that.


The strip is not so much about my mother, as it is about my mother’s side of the family, and how fucked up that side of the family is, health wise and mentally.  I was going to change the title to be a pun on “genes”, but no… anyway, yeah.  The title now pretty much says it all… it doesn’t matter where you’re family comes from, how healthy or unhealthy you’ve been, we’re all going to the same place.  I’ve been in a “mood”

Cat Boxing: Lessons In Chemisty

February 11, 2013


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I’ve had some idea how to do this strip… I probably could have done this as a “12 panel” strip, but I as I had mentioned, it’s good for me to try and keep thing good and focused within four panels.  With that said, this one is still text heavy and probably hard to read and perhaps I haven’t got my complete thought across.  Basically, this strip has to do with dating and how I’m not all that good at it. 


Often, do I see mismatched couples, in which I question “how does that work?” and then I immediately think, “Well, good for them.”  I’m sure I’ve dated people in which people turn there head and think, “Really?  Him?”  So I get it.   Chemistry is a strange and powerful thing.  I tend to have it with people on occasion, but not so much lately.  I do have a new “online dating fail” strip I want to work on soon… I have plenty of ideas.

Cat Boxing: On The Table

February 6, 2013


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Sur La Table is a kitchen goods store, though several locations I believe have demonstrations often, I use to mistake them for a fancy pants bistro… Either way, I’ve never been to one nor do I have a desire to go anytime soon.


So the title is the English translation of “Sur La Table”… and I really didn’t know how to pronounce it nor do I really do now.  This was an actual conversation I had, and most people who know me, should know I’m just going to butcher the shit out of anything I can’t pronounce within two tries… pretty much the point of this here strip… thanks for reading.

Punch lines that have no joke

February 5, 2013


Failed comic strip idea… But before Not Me went the way of the eraser, I thought I’d preserve my bad idea. The strip had come from the time I yelled at my co-workers for taking my work cart but no one admitted to me that they did, so I yelled at them, “Who took it then, the fucking Not Me ghost from Family Circus?” I could have drawn that idea, but it would have not gone much further than the actual sentence. But yeah… Just one more bad idea