Cat Boxing: Lessons In Chemisty


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I’ve had some idea how to do this strip… I probably could have done this as a “12 panel” strip, but I as I had mentioned, it’s good for me to try and keep thing good and focused within four panels.  With that said, this one is still text heavy and probably hard to read and perhaps I haven’t got my complete thought across.  Basically, this strip has to do with dating and how I’m not all that good at it. 


Often, do I see mismatched couples, in which I question “how does that work?” and then I immediately think, “Well, good for them.”  I’m sure I’ve dated people in which people turn there head and think, “Really?  Him?”  So I get it.   Chemistry is a strange and powerful thing.  I tend to have it with people on occasion, but not so much lately.  I do have a new “online dating fail” strip I want to work on soon… I have plenty of ideas.


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