Cat Boxing: I See The Future And You’re Dead There.


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So, I have a long story about this…it use to be fairly to the point, now not so much.  I worked on this strip before my mother’s heath took a bad turn.  The original title was “My Mother The Poorly Tuned-Up Car” , which is a very obscure reference to a show called “My Mother The Car”  The title makes me laugh. However, as I had mentioned, my mother’s health isn’t the best, so there is that.


The strip is not so much about my mother, as it is about my mother’s side of the family, and how fucked up that side of the family is, health wise and mentally.  I was going to change the title to be a pun on “genes”, but no… anyway, yeah.  The title now pretty much says it all… it doesn’t matter where you’re family comes from, how healthy or unhealthy you’ve been, we’re all going to the same place.  I’ve been in a “mood”


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