Cat Boxing: Apollo LM-5



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Okay, so this is the first strip I’ve done since last summer… probably since June maybe? Anywho, as I really like this strip, I feel that I can add more into the background. Aside from that, I pretty much summarized everything I wanted to within three panels.

I title is from a crude joke (EDIT: was… I have since changed it, which was “What do Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson have in common”, in which I’ll let you search out the punchline on your own. Apollo 11 is of course the mission that was part of the first moon landing I assumed that the landing pod (Apollo LM-5) had three legs… could have had four, but who cares really…




Obviously, there is a lot of subject matter going on, but either way… I’d like to think that I’ll stay on top of the strips, and I have one in the can… hmm, seems I have something more to say here; I don’t know.  I will say that I was probably making more of a statement than trying to be funny, profound, whatever… this is more of a journal/blog. I do like to make people laugh, at times it doesn’t always work that way… I’ll be funny later.


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