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December 14, 2015


Oof… I need to get a better handle on those colored pens… Though a step up from the last one.  I certainly need to use pencils before ink… And this only sucks slightly less.


Dressing up that turd…

December 12, 2015


So I’m moving from the Micron pens to the Mirco-Line, though I’m not certain if I’m really into them yet… So far I’m more into the idea of using Micro-Line over Micron, but time will tell.  I was willing to shell out another 17 dollars for colored versions on the pen and this is what I came up with… A shitty drawing of a shithead 90s rave kid.  No reason that this image should be in my head whatsoever, but there it is… Sigh, I need a rad girlfriend.

Rusty… Rusty as hell.

December 11, 2015


True be told, I’m off my game.  I mean, you’d think all of this time off, my style would improve and I’d have this flood of ideas just gushing on the page… I can barely draw a stick figure, don’t even get me started on hands… Anyway, it’s going to be ugly here for awhile; the comic strips I mean, I’m okay otherwise. 

Cat Boxing: Will Getting Older Help The Art Look Any Better..

December 10, 2015