Cat Boxing: In Repose


So, it’s been a little bit so quite a bit has happened.  One being I have severed a ligament in my knee since NYE, and haven’t been to work since.  I had thought I met an amazing women until I caught her cheating on me, and have pretty failed at any sort of dating experience since… Also, my main social outlet being my job, I’ve been a bit removed from humanity.   Surprisingly, I’m not exactly in a super awful place, but I’ve been happier.  As far as the “amazing woman” goes, that really was an upsetting experience, though I’m moving forward as much as one can I guess.   Still though… She was a little bit of a support unit through my recuperation, and I’m pretty much isolated as a person can be.  I mean, I do have some friends, but they are all working and quite frankly have lives… It’s been a rough month.  I can only hope tomorrow will be better and then the next day and the day after that… I don’t really have much else at the moment.


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