Back in December I tore a ligament in my knee, shortly afterward I caught my girlfriend cheating on me.  I found myself really shutting out any anger I had and wanted to move forward and after a few weeks met someone else, and we really were into each other, though being out of work and depressed I couldn’t get it together enough so that situation imploded and about this time I had been drinking more than I usually had, and I haven’t exactly have been taking care of myself aside from physical therapy.  I started to date people but didn’t look for anything too serious… As a result, I found myself alone and drunk.   I was finally able to come back to work, but at this point I had put on almost thirty pounds, though I figured I’d be able to work it off. I did drink less, but anytime I did drink I found myself getting more and more belligerent.   In between that time, and completely sober, I got into a bike wreck in which I faceplated and knocked out a front tooth.   

So I’ve been alienating friends and potential relationships, got fat, disfigured my face, and I found time to regret all of it.   So I’m taking a break from… Well a lot actually, but I’ll keep up on here, and not much else.


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