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Good Fucking Greif…

August 29, 2016

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, I haven’t been motivated in awhile.  I have been preoccupied as of late, but with nothing all that interesting.   My summer has been a drag, more so than usual… It all stems from not being active but that’s a whole different monster.  I’ve met some great folks, but those moments were literately a flick of light and I found myself even more alone at times than I would have been other wise.

So as always, now that summer is nearing its bullshit conclusion I can safely assume my role of someone less annoyed with folks.   I’ve been far more conscious as of late of what I’ve been doing and who I’m effecting so that’s a step up.  Also, I’m forcing myself to be motivated.  It’s sort of working I guess.  Though as far as my creativity goes, this is it at the moment… Looks like a Peanuts fuck-up… As if Charles Schultz looked at it and said, “I’ll save this later and wipe my ass with it” and then thought that he was insulting toilet paper.   Probably not all that bad, but I’m not exactly drawing the second coming of Shermy here.

Anywho… I’m being opptimistic as far as I can be, perhaps that’s something.