Dressing up that turd…

December 12, 2015


So I’m moving from the Micron pens to the Mirco-Line, though I’m not certain if I’m really into them yet… So far I’m more into the idea of using Micro-Line over Micron, but time will tell.  I was willing to shell out another 17 dollars for colored versions on the pen and this is what I came up with… A shitty drawing of a shithead 90s rave kid.  No reason that this image should be in my head whatsoever, but there it is… Sigh, I need a rad girlfriend.


Rusty… Rusty as hell.

December 11, 2015


True be told, I’m off my game.  I mean, you’d think all of this time off, my style would improve and I’d have this flood of ideas just gushing on the page… I can barely draw a stick figure, don’t even get me started on hands… Anyway, it’s going to be ugly here for awhile; the comic strips I mean, I’m okay otherwise. 

Cat Boxing: Will Getting Older Help The Art Look Any Better..

December 10, 2015


Back on track

February 28, 2015


So, it has been an off year creatively.  However, I’ve finally made a turn and am slightly sorted in the right direction.  Also helpful is moving to a more digital form of media via the app Paper 53… Actually I’m pretty excited about its applications.   It doesn’t seem to be bogged down by too many options and of course it’s ad free…


Myself however am super behind on the times seeing that this app has been uploaded 100 million times over. Still however, it’s perhaps the best app I’ve used for drawing so far. Hopefully, even better when I receive my “Pencil” made by the folks at Paper 53


I suppose I’m plugging here, but I’m okay doing that if I feel that they are of quality…

Still need to work on it…

Art show ideas…

September 12, 2014


Sometimes, I’ll be asked to contribute art for a publication or something more personal… However, at times, I’m graciously “not needed”. Anyway, I have two such pieces for a charity art show… And yes, these ideas have been in my head.  A hairy snake and a fish bowl with a face drawn on it, on a stand surrounded by a cardboard box…


Not sure of the significance… I need to add color though.  Yeah… Not much else to add here.

Summer’s End (words and no drawings)

August 28, 2014

The end of summer always feels like a real bad hangover… some fun getting there, but at the end all I seem to have is bad feelings and can’t wait for it to be over.  Perhaps, it’s like that Mitch Hedberg bit, where he compares himself to pancakes to his audience; super excited to see him at first but by the end, they’re fucking sick of him… summer is my pancakes.

I met a few women who were special in their own way, and managed to fuck up every single one of those “relationships”  One of those I truly blame myself.  Anyway, there is a month of summer left, but basically, the end of August is pretty much the end of summer in my eyes.  Also, this day makes a somber anniversary; it has been a year today since Wendy died.  It seems very fresh to me… It seems like we just met, and that was over two years ago.  By the end of that summer, we didn’t work out either.  I find it no irony that she died at the end of summer…

However, not to come off as completely morbid, the fall brings the end of greenery (is that such a word?) the cold brings a certain type or rebirth… I need it.


August 15, 2014


I found this in my old photos… Cheered me up considerably

More old shit

August 12, 2014


Wow… That title is something pretentious.  Anyway… I worked on this fucking thing for four months and promptly shelved it.  I probably have it in a box somewhere… That was also my very first laptop… 950 dollars, 30gigs of memory… That was just right before laptops dropped significantly in price… For 350 dollars, I can buy something ten times more as powerful.  I did just pick up a (used) Surface… I dig it so far. 

Anyway, I need to go back and dig up that zone… As I recall, I was trying to go with something surreal in the story telling; it wasn’t half bad as I recall.

Old Stuff… Better Stuff?

August 8, 2014


I have been working on comic strips since the late nineties, but probably didn’t feel that really had a “style” until about 2004 or so… 2003 maybe.   Anyway, looking back, I feel that I probably had a better handle of what I was drawing over all.  The Cat Boxing strips barely have a back ground nowadays.  Granted that the strip boxes are quite a bit smaller then they use to be… As opposed to 1/4th a page to 1/16. This particular strip was late 2003?  


Maybe this will put a kick in my ass… Maybe.  Who knows…

Toddler Mom (first attempt)

June 13, 2014


Not super happy with it, but it looked better than it originally was drawn out.  This is taken from a photo of my mother as a toddler… Give or take the rooting-tooting shootin’


But yeah… I would think that a decent drawing of this would make a great tattoo… Perhaps I’ll consult someone else.