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December 25, 2012


So, I haven’t been working on much lately, but I met a super rad chick… Anywho, it’s Christmas and we’ve only just met. Hopefully it’s not too forward, but I’m quite hopeful… for once.


Cat Boxing: Timing Is For Assholes

October 7, 2012


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I do this often… I will think of something that I can’t quite remember, and then the moment I do remember, I yell out my thought out loud. This conversation sort of happened… I changed some of due to the nature of the topic.


Anyway, I was quite unhappy with the hand placements… I’ve never been good at hand, so I tend to say “fuck it” and no one ever calls me on it. Anyway… I do like the reference to Terry and The Pirates though.

Cat Boxing: Happiness Variations

October 7, 2012


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I would almost call this a throw away, but what do I care.  I suppose I was trying to think of telling my girlfriend at the time I wasn’t happy anymore in our relationship, but didn’t know how to do it without hurting her… seeing that she cried at the drop of a bucket.  Either way, we broke up and two months later she is now engaged to someone… I guess I dodged that train.


Eh, either way… speaking of girlfriends who break-up with me and than marry the next person they meet, I’ll have a whole strip based on that soon enough.


Cat Boxing: Hot Chocolate Boy

October 7, 2012

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So, this one was done about eight months ago… yeah, about eight months or so, when it was cold last. Every now and again, I overdue it with coffee and a hot cocoa sounds good… this says it all pretty much.

Anyway, this is probably the first strip I’ve posted in months! However, I do think that the last strip I posted “Slightly Recessed” was drawn after this one… either way, it looks like shit.

Cat Boxing: Slightly Recessed

December 18, 2011


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I’ll be the first to admit that anytime I go to a art themed/toy store I find myself totally immersed in the various over-priced plastic replications of low-brow and various street artist, however I don’t feel like spending 30 to 50 dollars on a still-life of a still-life…


So yeah… this is pretty much a short commentary about how people are just slightly above the poverty line, spend money on such nonsense (says the guy with limited edition Dark Victory Batman and Robin figures) high-priced espresso drinks included… sigh, oh well… this was a quick one as I have shit to do. Eh, I do notice various “hic-ups” in the art… eh, we’ll just chalk that up to my “charm.”

Cat Boxing: No Pug Will Go Unhandled

December 7, 2011


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Well… I suppose this strip is more inspired by what one will do for a girl (clean up dog shit for instance) than humor…  as much as I like this strip, I probably lost sight of the humor a little way in, but still… it’s not as self-depreciating as many of the other strips… touching perhaps?


Butters is an actual pug owned by an actual person named Phoebe.  She works at a local bar I go to and on occasion, Butters will make an appearance.  It just so happen that I was on a date with a girl who also had a thing for pugs… funny that she was unaware of my actual “Pug” comic… Eh, it went well though… I should probably send Butters a thank you card, maybe a pigs ear… um, so much for this one.


Cat Boxing: Mugs For Dummies

November 16, 2011

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I ordered a Beatles’ “White Album” mug once years ago for about fifteen dollars. A cheaply crafted mug with the words “The Beatles” in gray on a completely white mug; probably more than that with shipping.

So anyway, a big trend with certain political radio talk host, is that they pedal their wears to their listeners, (not just conservatives, but any of them really… ) Anyway, not to get on a political kick here, if people want to spend their money on gaudy shit, be it from me to question how they spend it… just don’t bitch how bad the economy is if you are wasting yours.

I am more on the “liberal” end, though I try not to raise a stink with friends with different views that differ from mine simply because I don’t want to get into arguments all the fucking time… plus you really don’t want to get me started… so I rarely do.

So, I use to have this old roommate… he was a conservative with anger issues. Anyway, he was someone who did listen to Rush or Hannity and not question a word they said… I avoided him mostly because every facet of his life was a reason to argue (politics, food, weather) totally a fucking waste of time and energy. But at least you can tell which mugs were his. He had a Bush/Chaney 00 mug, a few Rush mugs, though the one that caught my eye was “Hannitized For Your Protection”… What I picture is however, Sean Hannity (if I am misspelling names here, it’s mainly due to me not giving a shit) taking his interns into an office and striping down to everything but his socks and saying “Prepare to be Hannitized!” Of course he probably doesn’t do that, I’m not him so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, I really didn’t care if I had to drink coffee from a “Limbaugh was right!” mug in the comfort of my own home if I had too, especially if my Utne Magazine mug was dirty… Oh, I still have that Beatles mug, I use to for breath strips and condoms. Good afternoon America, pull your heads out of your asses and do something not stupid!

Cat Boxing: My Name Is Too Easy To Remember

October 26, 2011

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So… I had a good idea for a strip, started it, and then it sort of just crapped out. Hopefully, you may have an idea of what I am getting at with this strip. How you run into someone that you haven’t seen in years (in this case a decade) and but how little someone else has changed, shows you just how much you have changed (Sevendust was never my scene… are they even still around?)

So yeah… my name is one that people seem to remember at times to my chagrin (did I spell that correctly) Anyway, yeah… I’m not terribly into this strip. Eh, whatevs.

Cat Boxing: Wild Strawberries, This Ain’t…

October 21, 2011

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Hayden is Kirsten and Jonathan’s three-year-old son… he is a bright little kid, has been since he could start talking… with that said, he is also a three-year-old and three-year-old’s will tend to do such things as wipe boogers on you (personally I blame his father… kidding.) But yeah, I’m pretty sure when my nephew was at that age had probably wiped a booger or two on me… maybe not.

The title is a reference to the Ingmar Bergman film about a man who questions the meaning of life… which in this case, Hayden is quite astute.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Hayden has been animated… his mother is quite talented and has her own cartoon blog…

The life and times of Malady

Check her out, pretty funny stuff. Sigh… this month has been really lame.

Cat Boxing: You Think You’re Uncomfortable…

October 17, 2011

The one thing about waiting rooms, is the magazine selection is always the same Aside from Time and Newsweek, there is usually crap such as People, US, Entertainment Weekly (which is not nearly so bad) and Sunset… SUNSET! Who reads that?! On occasion, you’ll see a New Yorker here and there but not really, Anyway, aside from those, there is also “Highlights” the children’s magazine… which is incidentally much more interesting and thought provoking than People, US Magazine, and fucking Sunset!

Now, with that said as in any awkward situation (such as a patient leaving the doctor’s office sobbing), people who are waiting in the waiting room will tend to want to distract themselves and all there is sometimes to read is a Highlights. So, when you over hear that someone is being told that they are dying of cancer nearby, you can distract yourself with “Hidden Pictures” unless some shithead kid already drew in the actual magazine, then your fucked!

But yeah… I may edit this bit later.